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Wall Art

Artwork can help express who you are in your home!

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How To Choose Your Art

There seem to be two different focuses people have when selecting the art for their home.

1. Choose pieces that match the colours of your home/space.

2. Choose pieces that evoke emotions in you. These are the ones that “speak” to you or that you gravitate towards.

Both of these are good guides, and Bennett’s offers options for both. Between the three stores, we have an impressive amount of stock available to take home with you.

Types of Wall Art we Carry

We carry a large variety of Wall art, so you can find the best fit for your home.

Sizes: from smaller sizes to fit in a tight nook or on a narrow post, to larger pieces that take up an entire accent wall. Artwork ranges from square to tall and narrow, short and wide, or almost anything in between.

Styles: We have artwork for basically any style including traditional, contemporary, rustic, transitional and more. We have photographic prints, abstract designs, unique paintings and more.

Materials: From canvasses to framed prints under glass, we have it all.

Making Sure the Art is Right for Your Home

Make sure to your artwork fits in your space and that it suits you and your home.

• Take pictures of the artwork in store

• Ask Decorator Consultant for the measurements

• At home cut a piece of paper or cardboard to the same size and try it in your space.

This will ensure that the artwork will fit! You can check to see if the colours will go as well as the dimensions with the assistance of your picture.

Stroll through our showrooms or ask your Decorator Consultant to assist you in searching our inventory database for pieces that will work for you. We carry artwork to work with every budget.