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*This article was written during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some references may be made.

How to Prepare for Furniture Shopping

Welcome back to the Bennett’s Decorator Blog! It’s so good to “see” you again

So much has changed in our world in the last few months. We are certainly shopping differently than we have in the past. We must keep in mind our proper personal sanitation (which was important even before the pandemic) and to maintain our distance from others when out and about.

Here at Bennett’s we are happy to be open again, and to welcome shoppers back into our stores. We have a number of precautions in place, such as hand sanitizer stations throughout the store, face masks and gloves available (or better yet bring your own), and our decorator consultants will be maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from you as you shop together. We disinfect our card terminal after each use, and our staff is working tirelessly to keep the store clean. We are also limiting the number of shoppers in the store at one time. You also have the option to book a virtual appointment if you are more comfortable shopping from home.

Since we are all personally trying to follow the Government’s guidelines and not make unnecessary trips out, I thought I would offer a few suggestions on how you can be prepared for furniture shopping. These tips will also serve you well when we are finally past this challenging Covid-19 time.


Measure the area you are looking to put the furniture in. Make a rough diagram to record the measurements on. Be sure to measure the size of doorways and stair wells leading to that area as well. The furniture may fit in the space, but will you be able to fit it into the space?

A good idea is to take a video of the area. Do a slow sweep of the entire room, pausing to note any distinguishing features you will work around. This can assist the decorator consultant to visualize your room.

Man measuring a sofa
Dining set


Let’s pretend you are shopping for a dining set. We know the function is to eat on, but will it be for formal dinner parties of 5 couples (once we can do that again)? Or a place to eat breakfast and the kids to do homework? The function will help you narrow down the choices.


What is your style, or the style of your room? Rustic? Contemporary? There are a lot of different styles, and hybrids of styles. Check out our other blogs to learn more about this and how to determine what style you are looking for.

Don’t forget that a well decorated home has a cohesive style story.


What is your budget? Keep in mind that if you buy the best quality you can afford it will hold up better and you will enjoy it for many years. Your decorator consultant can also tell you about our Financing program if you are interested. You can even apply online before you come into the store, so you know how much you can spend. Just click here.


If you are able to bring in samples of wall colours, floor tiles, a throw pillow, etc., you can make sure you get the perfect match. We do offer fabric samples to be lent out for a fee, but please feel free to bring in what you have as well. If you can’t bring in samples, take pictures!

Okay, so we have a good start here. Now before you hop into the car, check out our website at

We have SOOOO many great tools for you there. Of course there are the awesome blogs to give you great pointers and advice, but we also have other tools.

There is a live texting option. Fill in the pop up form in the bottom right-hand corner of the website and one of our decorator consultants will text you back. This is great for quick questions about any products you see on the website. Check out all of the furniture we have online. The selection is growing all the time!

Screenshot of cabinet on website

You can make lists of items you are interested in and print it out to bring using our List tool, or email it to your decorator consultant ahead of time. You can also take items you are interested in and put them into your room dimensions by clicking “add to Room Plan” on the item! I LOVE this feature! You can virtually rearrange your furniture to see if it will fit. It’s just so fun.

Our website also allows you to track your delivery once you have made a purchase, bet you didn’t know that!

So spend some time looking online to gather ideas and then come on down to see us! Bring your “homework” with you and you will see just how painless, even FUN, furniture shopping can be at Bennett’s Home Furnishings.

Until Next Time,
Interior Decorator and Bennett’s Floor Merchandiser

*Product availability and pricing shown is not guaranteed.